A Saner Approach to Charlotte Mason Homeschooling

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I know you’ve heard of the Charlotte Mason approach to education, but do you really know how to make it work for your family? I didn’t before my interview with Cindy West. You don’t want to miss it!

A Sane Approach to Charlotte Mason Homeschooling podcast


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I have an apology and an invitation. The apology is that if you texted to receive Barb Raveling’s Bible study last week, you didn’t get it. That code won’t work. You’ll need to go to homeschoolsanity.com/truth to claim that study. And guess what? This week’s texting code won’t work either! Fortunately, you can get your free nature study downloads right from these show notes. You’ll be added to the inspiring Psychowith6 & Our Journey Westward newsletters.

Join me for a giveaway of 5 of Cindy’s books on the Facebook page Tuesday, March 21st at 4E/3C/2P/1M. You’ll get to see inside Cindy’s books and ask questions. You can use the code SANITY for 20% everything in the store¬†until March 28th!


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Ideas for Learning with Nature Walks episode


Mystery of History

Charlotte Mason Homeschooling in 18 Easy Lessons & 100+ Creative Nature Walks

Grammar Galaxy

Next week, we’ll chat about how to be successful in scheduling.

Have a happy homeschool week!

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