How to Handle Homeschool Haters

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How to Handle Homeschool Haters podcast


I asked my Facebook page fans if they received any negative feedback when they started homeschooling and I was amazed by the response. We would love to have you join the conversation at Homeschool Sanity on Facebook.

Teaching Tip of the Week

Your Morning Basket by Pam Barnhill
Your Morning Basket









Organized Homeschool Challenge of the Week

The Organized Kitchen Challenge. The link includes the Menu printable you can use to create your own snack shack.



How to Deal With the Social Worker at Your Door

How to Deal With Naysayers and Negative Nellies

Periscope Viewers


Jess @jess42508 of The Dailys with Jess


Brandy @ourthriftyhome of Our ThriftyHome

Action Steps

  1. See haters as future advocates
  2. Know why you’re homeschooling
  3. Protect yourself

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